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God is on the move in the marketplace, bringing forth a new understanding and expression of work in our generation. He is inviting us to participate with Him in a higher purpose where we go beyond the daily grind of unredeemed work to experience a daily encounter with Him that changes everything.​While others long for Friday, we will celebrate Monday as a Holy invitation to go into all the world and transform society with purpose, perspective and provision. If this resonates, we are “spiritual kinfolk” and you’re going to love this. Whether the janitor who influences the CEO, the employee who invites God in, the emerging entrepreneur who disrupts an industry or the mama who wants to teach her children business – if your heart leaps for the excitement of the marketplace, now is your time and this is your tribe.

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TrueTribe is a force of men and women committed to personal excellence, professional success and world-changing spiritual purpose. Our mission together is to “Know God, Understand the Times and Do Exploits.”TrueTribe is a simple mentoring system designed to unlock and launch your next level. Whether you’re a business owner, emerging entrepreneur, CEO or an employee ready to rise up and change the world at work, you’ve found your people and your coach.Classes, courses, coaching, community and live events that equip, empower and encourage your success.

Linda Fields

Meet Linda Fields: Over past thirty years in the marketplace, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to turning ideas into action, getting things done, developing relationships, overcoming setbacks, and succeeding even when others think you’ll fail. More importantly, I’ve learned how to do it in a way gives you a tremendous advantage, protects your heart and helps you succeed faster, easier and with less frustration than you can imagine.

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