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Dear Friend,    Of course you want more of what God has for you in life and work.      But you also want to succeed in a way that doesn’t tear your life apart or destroy your health and relationships in the process.     I understand. My name is Linda Fields. Over past thirty years in the marketplace, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to turning ideas into action, getting things done, developing relationships, overcoming setbacks, and succeeding even when others think you’ll fail.     More importantly, I’ve learned how to do it in a way gives you a tremendous advantage, protects your heart and helps you succeed faster, easier and with less frustration than you can imagine.     The secret? Inviting God in, and learning to work with Him as your ultimate mentor in life and work.

The Invitation

     Let’s be clear, I want everything God has for me. I think you do too.     Now I wouldn’t call myself a “prosperity preacher,” but I genuinely believe that God wants to provide abundantly through richly rewarding work that makes a difference today and counts forever.     And you know what? “Success” is a lot easier than most people think.     But we get stuck and stopped by a lack of knowledge, past challenges, and all the mind trash: limiting beliefs, negative assumptions and plain ole fear that holds us back. But I want to help change all that.

Changing the World At Work

     God is on the move in the marketplace, bringing forth a new understanding and expression of work in our generation.     He is inviting us to participate with Him in a higher purpose where we go beyond the daily grind of unredeemed work to experience a daily encounter with Him that changes everything.

     While others long for Friday, we will celebrate Monday as a Holy invitation to go into all the world and transform society with purpose, perspective and provision.     If this resonates, we are “spiritual kinfolk” and you’re going to love this.     I’ve been working, praying, fasting, winning, failing, learning, leading, growing and preparing for this for over 30 years. I’ve built a multimillion-dollar organization along the way, overcome a whole bunch of “-isms” and landed mostly sane with a husband I still respect and a God I love and trust.     People always ask me, ‘Linda, how did you do that?’ ‘Why did you respond that way?’ ‘How can I…?’ I’ve longed to teach and mentor what I’ve learned to help people who are ready answer God’s call to be world-changers.     Whether the janitor who influences the CEO, the employee who invites God in, the emerging entrepreneur who disrupts an industry or the mama who wants to teach her children business – if your heart leaps for the excitement of the marketplace, now is your time and I want to help.

You Ready to Rock Work, and Enjoy a Richer, More Fulfilling Life 🙂

     It’s not going to be a cakewalk, but you don’t have to sell your soul either. What you must do is believe the vision, learn what you need to know, connect in community and take wise, consistent action with humility.     There are a lot of moving parts to a successful life. To help decode and simplify success and fulfillment for you and the people you care about, I offer training, coaching, and tools for personal, professional and spiritual growth.   These come in the form of:

  • “classes” (focused, action-oriented videos with downloadable notes),
  • “courses” (five to twelve-part guided trainings for significant progress),
  • “coaching” to speed understanding and accelerate results, and
  • a supportive “community” of like-minded people to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

     Topics range from prayer to productivity, life purpose and personal leadership, and more. All the best of what I have to offer: infused with timeless wisdom, spiritual principles and practical strategies; and made accessible in a unique membership experience to anyone truly committed to making their difference in the world.

Welcome to TrueTribe™

     TrueTribe is a force of men and women committed to personal excellence, professional success and world-changing spiritual purpose. Our mission together is to “Know God, Understand the Times and Do Exploits.”     TrueTribe is a simple mentoring system designed to unlock and launch your next level. Whether you’re a business owner, emerging entrepreneur, CEO or an employee ready to rise up and change the world at work, you’ve found your people and your coach.     Rather than sell you 50 different things, everything is here for you in one place. You’re getting first-in-line access to classes, courses, coaching, community and live events that equip, empower and encourage your success.     Here’s how TrueTribe works:     There are three levels of membership: Inner Circle, Inner Circle VIP and Mastermind.

Pick Your Level, Enroll Now Risk Free and Give Yourself the Ultimate Edge

Inner Circle

With Inner Circle, you get:

  • Digital access to videos with downloadable notes, plus library of all previous videos
  • 20% off annual conference ticket

Just $1 today for 14 days access, then just $27 / month

Inner Circle VIP

With Inner Circle VIP, you get a more guided experience:

  • Digital access to videos with downloadable notes, plus all previous videos
  • Digital access to core courses, including Find Your Why Forward, Prayer Plan Your Life, Hearing God Speak, and others on productivity, professional success, leadership and more
  • Once-monthly, private group coaching call
  • Email Coaching
  • 20 minute 1:1 coaching call every 90 Days
  • Private Facebook community of like-minded people like you
  • 20% off annual conference

Just $1 today for 14 days, then just $137 / month


     You have three basic options here:     Option #1: You can do nothing. Listen, most people struggle through life the hard way. They’re stuck, learning everything on their own and blaming this or that for their lack of progress. It’s a choice, but don’t make this mistake.     Option #2: You can pay à la carte, $20 for classes, $97 to $397 for courses and full-price for events… But that adds up quickly to over $1,571 every year to get everything. Also keep in mind, the group coaching and community is exclusive so you can’t get access outside the membership at any price.     Option #3: Say yes to this option and get started today with TrueTribe. Enjoy all the member-exclusive benefits for just $20 or $100 monthly. It’s like Netflix for personal and professional success, only better.

Is there any kind of guarantee?

     I understand that you can’t know the real benefit of something like this until you experience it for yourself. That’s why, for a limited time, you’re getting access right now for just $1 today so you can check everything out for yourself.     I’m taking all the risk and letting you test-drive everything because I’m confident that once you experience all the value here, you’ll want to remain a member. In the unlikely event you decide to leave, you can cancel anytime.     Ok, now is the time to take action. Pick your level, join TrueTribe now and give yourself the ultimate edge. Don’t procrastinate, make it the next thing you do. Isn’t it worth a peek for $1? Of course it is.     I look forward to welcoming you.     Your coach,     Linda Fields     P.S. Now is your chance to learn what successful people already know, enjoy more of what God has for you and live a richer, more fulfilling life beginning today. See you inside…

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